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Rainie Howard is an award-winning author, lifestyle strategist and relationship expert who helps others evolve through lessons of love, health & entrepreneurship.

In 2015, Rainie Howard and her husband, Patrick, launched Real Love Exist—a movement that advocates for healthy personal and interpersonal relationships. In January 2016, the positive impact of this campaign inspired a series of five spiritual and lifestyle strategy books that guide singles and couples into living a fulfilling life. In April 2016, Addicted to Pain became one of Amazon’s best-selling relationship-intervention books for women—and serves as the curriculum for Rainie’s well-received Back to Love e-course.


Additionally, Rainie Howard is the producer and host of “The Rainie Howard Show”—a digital series dedicated to building connections through inspirational stories and empowering messages that transform lives. Also, as a commitment to enhancing life skills, Rainie’s 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, Sisters of Hope, uses educational and artistic programs to nurture self-esteem, self-awareness and personal growth in young women.

With a community of 183,000+ women that yearn to live a life of purpose, Rainie Howard is the go-to source for transparent insight and practical ideologies that show living beyond your circumstances is possible.

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